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£4,500.00 exc. VAT

Stay ahead of the game with the ECK TWIN dual gas station from Launch which enables you to service both R134a and R1234yf systems using just one machine.

Price on Application Call 01233 625279 to discuss.


The ECK TWIN benefits from two completely seperate systems including pressure gauges, service hoses, couplers and compressors - This eliminates risk of cross contamination between the two refrigerants.

Automatic functions:

Oil discharge
Oil re-integration
Gas charging
Standard features:

Automatic leak test during the vacuum phase
Automatic on-board bottle filling
Automatic discharge of non-condensable gases from the bottle
Acoustic and visual service alarm alerts user to maintenance filter replacement issues.
Build in USB port for software updates
Refrigerant management system creates customised archive of all refrigerant transactions
Operator code protects against unauthorised use of the station
Integrated vehicle database
Hermetically sealed new-oil cartridge
Automatic tracer with collapsable cartidges
Technical information:

Type of refrigerant: R134a and R1234y
Service procedure: Fully automatic or manual
Voltage: 220-240v - 50/60Hz
Scale resolution: 10g
Oil scale resolution: 5g
Working temperature range: 11/49 degrees C
Filter system: 2 filters for humidity (700gr molecular sieves each)
Vacuum pump: 100 liter/min capacity, 0.2mbar vacuum level
Sealed compressor: 2x12cc high-pressure
Recovery speed: 300g/min in liquid phase
Refrigerant bottle: 2 x 12 litres, refillable
Hoses / connectors: 2 sets (includes hoses and connectors) x 3 metres
Overall size: 67cm x 62cm x 107cm
Weight: 110kg
Thermal printer: Standard equipment
Pressure gauges: Class 1
Display: Colour-graphic touch-screen
Bottle temperature sensor: Integrated
Bottle heater: Automatic

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