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Launch Europad Pad 11 & Oscilloscope

Code: LaunchPad11WOSC
£1,095.00 exc. VAT



The Launch Scopebox allows you to transform your Launch X431 GDS or X431 Europad 2 into a 4 channel Lab Scope, which can quickly identify, locate and isolate suspect & intermittent signals.

These signals can then be analysed by the Scopebox, which may reveal whether or not there are actually any faults with the sensors, actuators, circuits or electronic control units. This helps you save time when running a vehicle diagnostic, and also reduces the costly expenditure spent on unnecessary replacement parts.

The scopebox can record and display electrical signals and their waveforms, as well as compare and examine them according to pre-determined parameters. These parameters include:

Amplitude - the signal's maximum voltage
Form - the shape of the signal,
Pulse Width - the signal's duty cycle or time interval
Array - the repetition characteristics of the signal.

Scopebox features

Contains an integrated library of standard waveforms
Waveform auto-set up on all of the 4 channels
Each channel can act autonomously, allowing for a clean signal with no interference
Quality twist and lock BNC connectors
Simple & intuitive interface
Contains a selection of standard ignition adapters
Includes ignition set-up pre-selects
extremely fast capture of "glitch" occurrences with advanced triggers
In-built square wave signal generator guarantees the verification of accuracy and calibration
All saved waveforms can be recorded, saved and printed
Playback at different speeds to assist in examination & analysis
Separate scopebox module allows for remote GDS/EuroPad display viewing via a single USB cable
All software comes pre-installed
Connect to the x431 GDS/Euro Pad via USB
Contains the highest sampling rate in the industry to better catch even the smallest glitch
Bandwidth: 20MHz
DC Accuracy +/- 1%

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