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The Euro Pro 5 Plus inherits the hallmark Launch benefits of wide vehicle coverage, powerful test functions, accurate test data and numerous special functions. It comes in a robust carry case with all necessary leads and a wide selection of legacy OBD 1 adapters.

The PRO 5 Plus supports the optional HD3 Truck module, and Launch ADAS system.
A key feature of the new PRO5 Pus is a fully integrated version of the Haynes PRO Electronic module.
The PRO 5 Plus comes with a two-year warranty, two-year software package and a one-year subscription to the Electronics module.
'Euro' denotes the European Pro 5, beware of unofficial Asian spec imports.
'Plus' denotes Launch UK's exclusive specification with 64 GB of storage and HaynesPro.


Generic Programmes:

Austrian OBD*
Special reset functions:

Brake Reset
Oil/Service light reset
Steering angle
Battery Matching
Brake Bleeding
Electric throttle relearns
TPMS reset
DPF regeneration
Adaptive front lighting reset (AFS)
Crankshaft position learn
Auto Gearbox adaption
Injector coding
Sunroof reset
Suspension height setting
NB: not all functions are applicable to all models.

Launch 'Intelligent diagnostic' features automatic VIN recognition for over 70 manufacturers, automatically identifying the vehicle model and year of manufacture through the VIN number. Faster and more convenient than manual selection.

Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are clearly displayed with a full description, it is possible with one click, to display the fault code information in many alternative languages.

Two routes are possible to resolve the trouble code, a search for a solution using Google, or by using the Launch Guided Diagnosis function, powered by HaynesPRO. The Launch Guided Diagnostic function is fully integrated in the Launch PRO5 Plus software. It will guide the user from reading the DTC, to step-by-step testing of all relevant components, leading to a final solution. This method will save technicians time and improve efficiency dramatically.

Features include.

Fuse and relay box locations and function overview
Wiring diagrams for Engine management, ABS, ESP, A/C, SRS, doors, windows, exterior lighting
Component locations and information
Ground point locations
Control unit locations
Battery disconnection / reconnection procedures
High-voltage circuit deactivation procures
Highlight functionality to help trace wiring and component faults
Comprehensive data stream information can be displayed in different formats:

Up to twelve different items of data can be displayed on screen together
Four data streams can be overlaid for comparison
Data can be displayed showing actual and standard values
Record data when testing, for later review.
Create a clear diagnostic report showing the status of each ECU, can be saved as a screen shot or PDF, easily print or share.

Summary of the key features of the PRO 5 Plus

Wi Fi and Bluetooth V5.0 for fast and reliable connectivity
Comprehensive live data functions
One click software update
Numerous reset and service functions
Launch UK exclusive; Launch Guided diagnostics powered by Haynes PRO
Launch UK exclusive, two-year software updates
Support for remote diagnostics between workshops
Launch UK two-year warranty support
Launch PRO 5 Plus tablet specifications

OS: Android 9.0
CPU: 1.8Ghz 8 core
Internal memory: 4Gb
Storage: 64Gb with 32GB micro SD card, expandable to +128Gb
Screen: 10.1 1920X1200 full HD IPS
Battery: 7000mAh
Wi Fi: 2.4 and 5Ghz
Cameras: front 5MP, Rear 8MP
Launch PRO 5 diagnostic connector

The latest DBS car connector
Bluetooth V5.0
Extended range
Voltage: 12V – 18V
Additional options available at time of purchase:

Add a third-year software update and second year Launch database access
Add one extra year of software updates
Add one-year Electronics database access

Extend the functionality of the Launch PRO 5 Plus with these options.

Launch professional ADAS solution:

There is no additional software cost. The ADAS calibration software is already embedded in the PRO 5 Plus. Various options to purchase the Launch ADAS hardware are possible, including the calibration frame and various calibration board sets.

The Launch Heavy Duty Truck module HD3:

Provides comprehensive diagnostic coverage for 100 world-wide truck brands.

The Launch portable wi- fi printer:

Ideal for printing diagnostic data where a standard printer is unavailable.

The Launch VSP-600 Videoscope:

Using the PRO 5 tablet and software already integrated in the PRO 5 APK. The VDS-600 offers a 1280X720 resolution, six levels of LED lighting, a 5.5mm lens and 800mm cable.

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