We can supply a large range of compressers to suit any application, from your small DIY piston compressor up to your industrial rotary screw compressor. 
Power systems G-TEC - They provide a complete range of rotarty screw compressors from 7.5 to 22kW which are easy to use & designed to have a long life span for continuous use with reduced engery consumption. 
NUAIR Compressors - One of the worlds largest manufacturer's & they offer a complete range of pistion compressors with unique features along with lubricated, oil free & silencer technology. 
Air Industrial Compressors - A comprehensive range of heavy duty cast iron low speed pistion compressor UK built.  
HPC Compressors - These are manufactured in Germany, & provide the KAESER range of quality, energy efficient air compressors. 
Contact us today to dicuss your needs. 
5 Year Warranty On Selected Models 
Diverse Range To Suit Any Individual's Application 
Rotary screw, Piston, Oil free, Silenced, Direct Drive & More  


We are specialists in compressed air systems therefore we can design, supply & fit pipework to distribute compressed air throughout your premises. 
By utilising a range of products Galvinised systems, fast fit nylon systems & aluminium systems. We can suit any application from workshops to factories. 
We also supply a large range of air line fittings. 
Contact us today to discuss your needs. 
Able To Provide A Diverse Range To Suit Any Application 
Can Design, Supply & Fit Pipework 
Professional Installation 

Pneumatic Tools 

We offer a variety of products to solve your everyday challanges such as; 
Percussive Tools 
Contact us today to dicuss your needs. 
Provide A Variety of Products 
Able To Solve Your Everyday Challanges 
Quality Products  

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For more information call 01233 625 279 or email 
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