All garage equipment requires servicing to comply with health, safety & electrical standards. Servicing will also prolong the life of your equipment. We service all garage equipment - if you don't see your item please contact us for further information. 

Vehicle Lifts 

Our many years of experience gives us the required skills to service & repair a large variety of vehicle lifts. 
Our Engineers specialise in servicing the following types of car lifts: 
4 Post Car Lift 
2 Post Car Lift 
Single Post Car Lift 
Scissor Lift 
Mobile Column Lift 
We offer a expert servicing plan to ensure your lifts are safe to use, giving the user a peace of mind when operating equipment. All our engineers are GEA approved, & therefore able to carry out your lift services to the best ability & ensuring safety is key. 
Under Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), as an employer or self-employed person using vehicle lifts, you are responsible for ensuring your equipment is safe. These regulations cover all lifting equipment provided for use at work. 
Law requires all lifting equipment to have a thorough examination by a competent person which is systematic & detailed to defect any defects that are, or may become dangerous. If a defect is found that has been identified to be a risk of serious personal injury, the competent person is required to report the defect to the relevant enforcing authority. 
Routine maintenance is also required under Provisions & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) & applies to all lifting equipment. 
We endeavour to keep as many spares as possible in stock. However occasionally there are times where machines have either been in service for a long time or are just in short supply, we have all the necessary connections to source & supply the parts to get you up & running. 
Contact us today to discuss your needs. 
When to service: 
All lifting equipment should be serviced at minimum once a year under PUWER Regulation 6. 
A thorough examination of the lift should be carried out every six months under LOLER Regulation 9 
It's the law: 
Thorough inspections & routine maintenance are two different applications.  
Routine maintenance is a requirement under the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) & applies to all lifting equipment. 
Law requires that all lifting equipment must have a thorough examination by a competent person under Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).  

MOT Equipment  

As per DVLA guidelines you are required to have your MOT Testing Equipment maintained & calibrated. 
We keep a thorough calibration schedule to ensure we do not let you down. Our engineers are trained & approved for calibration, which ensures that we get to you on time & keep you legal.  
All calibrations will result in an approved certificate issued to the customer. 
Conduct us today to discuss your needs. 
When to Calibrate: 
Most of your Mot Equipment needs to be calibrated every six months, apart from hydraulic play detectors that require to be done every year.  

Compressor Servicing 

Like many pieces of equipment used daily, a compressed air system needs to be maintained to the highest standard or problems can arise. Therefore, all compressors require good maintenance & servicing to run to maximum efficiency. 
One of the most common problems encountered is a loss of pressure which affects the efficiency of the compressor. Loss of pressure can be a result of mechanical failure or blocked or degraded filters. We recommend a compressor is serviced every 2000 hours run or 1 year since its last service, whichever comes first. 
The removal & disposal of condensate are governed by legislation. Our goal is to ensure that condensate & oil product are removed from the air pressure system, & the resultant waste is legally disposed of in a manner that is Eco-friendly. 
If you don’t see your compressor on our list, not to worry! We can source almost all compressor service parts & we carry a wide range of compressor service parts in stock. 
Contact us today to discuss your needs. 
When to Service: 
It is recommended to have your compressor serviced every 2000 hours run or 1 year since last service (whichever comes first)  
Compressors we service: 
ABAC, FPS, HPC, Clarke, Ingersol Rand, Sealey and many more... 

Tyre Machines 

Like all mechanical equipment your tyre machine should be regularly maintained to minimize any brake downs.  
This includes lubricating all moving parts, checking v-belts, looking for signs of wear & general condition of the equipment. 
When to service : 
Six months or Yearly depending on use 
Signs that it could need attention: 
Jaws sticking & lack of power  

Wheel Balancers 

Checking of the calibration of a vehicle wheel balancer includes putting the balancer in a calibration check mode, & mounting a test weight of known mass to a hub of the balancer. Spinning the hub with the said test weight mounted thereon to determine the imbalance of the rotating hub/test weight assembly, comparing the determined imbalance with an expected imbalance & determining the difference there-between. The balancer displays a message indicative of the status of the balancer's calibration. 
When to Calibrate: 
Signs that it could need Calibrating: 
Readings not consistent  

Wheel Aligners 

Calibration of the Wheel Alignment equipment is important to minimise the risk of incorrectly adjusting vehicles, that is why we recommend Calibration intervals are maintained by our highly trained Service Engineers. 
When to Calibrate: 
6-monthly calibration check 
Yearly update of data 
Signs that it could need attention: 
Inconsistent Readings  

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